Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Computer Installation II

After installing the monitor and shelf in place, I made sure to get the computer up and running before putting the rest of the components inside.

After that was finished (and I played around for a while), the next step was making sure the motherboard and power supply fit properly. I placed the motherboard on one side (using PCB feet) and the hard drive on the other (using velcro) and tried installing the vertical shelf.

Unfortunately, my initial attempt didn't work - there wasn't enough room for the power supply and the frontx cables I was planning on using weren't long enough to reach to the back panel with the motherboard ports facing to the right. I ended up having to face the motherboard ports down towards the bottom and move the motherboard off center to the right to make room for the power supply.

I was worried initially that since the ports were facing down and the whole thing was off-center that the fan underneath wouldn't keep things cool but boy was I wrong. After leaving it on for at least 6 hours it was cool as the other side of the pillow in there.

Here is the power supply in place:

More later!


Unknown said...

Hey there man, I have to say that I am really enjoying all of your blogs. Great workmanship, great use of colorful language (I believe this goes along with great woodworking skills), and overall just fun reads. I stumbled onto this over at Lifehacker.com. A guy there has configured his desktop as a killer interface that shows album art, lyrics, and everything for his music. Thought it would be awesome on your setup.


Also has some links to the guys own software called "Album Art Downloader" http://sourceforge.net/projects/album-art/ that he wrote to download hi-res album covers. Thought it could augment your system. Thanks again for sharing this with the world!

- Chris

Unknown said...

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